Monday 12 November 2018
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12 inspiring Yoga Mantras to change your life

No matter how much people love the sweaty sessions of cardiovascular activity or Crossfitting, the confidence you are bound to get after you are done with a session of yoga remains unmatched. A myriad of benefits are provided by yoga, among which improved flexibility of your body along with a beautifully toned body are the added advantages. Yoga does not only help you with your body structure, but it is a healing power in itself. It strives to shape your mind, body and soul at the same time. Here are a few mantras that fitness experts find inevitable in making people highly confident in achieving their desired results through yoga:


I am an inspiration for myself

Even of you feel low during sessions of yoga because you have not been able to perform well since the first day itself, do not be upset. The consistency that you are still showing by turning up on every day of the yoga classes is itself a proof that you shall eventually be able to cope up with the poses. It is proved that yoga can actually condition your brain, which stimulates confidence within you, inspiring you to do better every passing day.

I should stick to my goal

You should be determined. In no case it should be seen that you are backing out from what you resolved. You should point it out to yourself everyday that no matter what, you are going to stick to what you have resolved to achieve. This mindset is enough to make you confident in the yoga movements.

I should watch my breath

Once you are into yoga, your yoga instructor should have detailed to you on the very first day of your class that you are to check your breathing first to reduce your stress. Experts recommend that you should take to count while practising breathing exercises initially. Count from one to five while inhaling and vice versa. This shall help you to become a more focused person in every step that you take in your life.

I must chant a yoga mantra that abolishes all the negative thoughts within me12 inspiring Yoga Mantras to change your life

Fitness experts are of the opinion that for beginners the most inspiring for themselves would be to chant a mantra that shall keep them determined and focused. It can be any mantra that breathes positivity into your mind and body, making you an inspiration to yourself. Mantras can actually help you to get rid of unwanted situations in life. They instil a determination within you, making you firmer in your determination.

I am willing to accept all that comes from the universe

Think positive. Surround yourself with everything that is likely to infuse positivity into you. If you start doing this, you will find yourself that you have grown out of the tinge of irritability that you showed in certain circumstances. This shall help you make wiser decision about life calmly. This also benefits you, when you have had enough of a bad day.

It comes from inside me, not from anywhere else

Though in general we are more towards blaming everything else for our plight, the traditional Yoga philosophy from Tibet states that our experiences and environment are broadly based on what we ourselves resolve to perceive. Experts opine that once you change your perspective, you shall see yourself to get calmer. Make positive thinking a practice.


Try chanting this. Fitness experts nurture an opinion in mind that if people chant Om, they are bound to get a positive vibe from themselves as the word because a vibration occurs in the path from your nose to your belly. This sound is responsible in clearing the sinuses as the sound reverberates in the vocal cords. This also lowers your blood pressure, eliminates stress and anxiety and calms our nerves.12 inspiring Yoga Mantras to change your life


‘I am that’, as is translated in English from Sanskrit, the phrase encourages you to take up challenges open-handedly and with a positive countenance. This also makes you confident for performing yoga poses that you were reluctant to take up. No matter what, this is an evidence of inspiration that pushes you to go further in life and help you achieve goals, be it weight loss, or any other ambition.

I breathe in confidence; I breathe out enlightenment

This mantra helps you to look into matters of importance with a calm mind, which benefits you to take wiser decisions than you in general do. When people are in stress, they tend to pressurise themselves, which results in hasty decisions leading to regret later. This mantra helps you to keep yourself calm in matters that require utmost presence of mind, which assists you in better performance. Do not expect anything from any positive action you perform whatsoever and you shall see yourself pass every test of your life with flying colours.

Changing my thought shall change my surroundings

You should enhance your attitude in everything you do, buddy. There shall be situations, which shall make you demotivated in your venture to continue your yoga classes. However, if you keep chanting this every morning, you are sure to keep your consistency. Whenever you are feeling low, sad or depressed, think about the positive things that are going around you. Think about the benevolent side of individuals, whom you come across in everyday life.12 inspiring Yoga Mantras to change your life

Let go

Do not be moved or distracted by the happenings of the outer world. Even if someone hurts you mentally, make it a practice to let go of the bad feelings in your mind about the person who caused it, or the situation in which it happened. This shall foster positivity into your life.

Live the present

Make it sure that in every matter, you have to make it a point not to think of your past, or even your future. Thinking of them shall make you anxious, and you shall get distracted from the task that you should do at present. This not only hampers your motivation but reduces your ability to perform at your best.

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