Monday 12 November 2018
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8 Foods you should never eat if you’re trying to Lose Weight

A weight loss effort can be succeed by changing your habit of food. It does not mean prohibiting yourself from indulging with the kind of foods that you are very much fond of, rather than limiting these items with proper diet chart. In order to continue your weight loss program, you must have to mark the axe in some particular types of foods and have to support your slimming down approach. Genuinely, some habits deserve the end, which can lead you to an eventual and consecutive weight loss program.


Lots of experts say it’s stupid to forbid yourself from eating certain foods — that denying yourself something you really want to eat can ultimately lead to binge eating and eventual weight gain. So dessert isn’t on this list — it’s OK to indulge sometimes! But some foods really do deserve the ax — especially if you are trying to lose weight. In which case, avoid these foods (when you can!) to fend off cravings and hunger, and support your efforts to slim down.

The list of 8 Foods you should never eat if you’re trying to Lose Weight is compiled below:

1. Carb full snacks or any other foods:

Carb full snacks such as bread, crackers, dry cereal, rice cakes are inappropriate items for your body, as soon as you consume these kinds of foods, body starts to convert the carbs into sugars and transmit it into blood stream directly. In order to balance the sudden sugar rush in blood, body generates extra insulin. Insulin helps to soak the sugar immediately after consume. It can lead you to provide ultimate priority to these zero nutritional sugary foods for instant energy at the time of hunger pain.

2. Frozen meals:

Often it has been seen that to make ingredients stay longer, food manufacturers load the prepared foods with an amount of sodium, which acts as a natural preservative. Eventually, sodium gathers water and expanded you up with fluid or gas despite of concentrating in your weight loss program.

In addition, the in general manufacturer of food manages to clutch meals inside a stained tiny box, which ends up with burning of enormous calories. They contain lots of calories rather than being composed of large proteins. On the other hand, the presence of measly protein in frozen meals cannot satisfy your inherent need.

3. High Fiber snack bars:

It is needless remind you that, fiber is essential for everyone. It helps to keep the digestive system healthy and make you feel better even when you consume lack of calorie. Nevertheless, the overdosing of fibers in form of snack bars (nearly about 25 grams fiber) can agitate your fitness weight loss program. According to Harvest, a constant intake of fiber in small amount, can improve the digestive system and can resist the hunger making the stomach in relax mood. It suggests consuming more natural fiber as vegetable or fruit regardless of snack bars.

High Fiber snack bars

4. Low fat foods:

Why do you need to avoid the food that contains low fat? The relevant research gives the ray up on human’s frequent tendency of eating 30 % more a food, when they get informed anyhow about the food, they are consuming is containing low fat and overeating can genuinely make your diet goal downward fast. Because, when the producers remove fat from a food, they normally eliminate some flavour only and add sugar in large amount to compensate the loss of flavour which in turn more dangerous for you.

5. Juice:

You should ditch juices because of its dangerous effect. When you consume fruit juices, you take all calories removing all fibers that are naturally present in fruit bite. Though, Harvest added more that 100 percent juices are empty of calories and new spike of blood sugar. In addition, the fructose that is naturally present in fruit cause to gain more weight blurring your capability to feel the weight loss program. So try to skip juices despite of having real fruits.

6. Packages sweetened drinks:

It’s time to say goodbye to diet soda or some other sweet drinks, which contains measly calories. A mythology is standing up here in the market that these kinds of artificial drinks enhance the hunger. What actually happens is that those intakes are the warehouse of carbonated drinks, which ultimately makes you feel your stomach full and ends up to feed yourself less finally. You should skip the prepared sweetened drinks to maintain your weight loss program.


7. Cereal meal in value sized box:

The recent study from the researchers at Cornell University Food and Brand Lab evokes that people intakes 22 percent above the normal requirement from large packages. Their subconscious mind let them to eat that extra amount of food. Another study adds that when you go for buying or selling a food, the condition of low rate makes you to consume more food. Even it does not mean to spend more for real diet food, which is silly as well. You should control your own mind to shape your goal precisely, and should avoid these kinds of value sized meal or food.

8. Booze:

Booze, another form of alcoholic drinks must have to be avoided by the weight loss programmer. It does not support your goal and it is tough to find a single diet expert to recommend the clients to consume alcohol for losing weight. This substance does not provide any kind of calorie as well as any nutrients. On the other hand, it weakens your judgement power and let you finish with over eating throwing you far away from the weight loss goal. In addition, consumption of alcohol creates a toxin, which is tend to remove by body itself and attacks first the liver. As a result, your liver may not be in hardcore detox mode and gradually become failure to burn the fat efficiently. If you are really serious about your weight loss goal, then must not touch the alcohol.


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