Monday 12 November 2018
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Category: Nature


How to Help Backyard Wildlife Survive the Heat

Summer is the hottest season and it’s only getting hotter. While you and I can retreat into air conditioning when temperatures soar...


Baffling Ways Plants Are Kind of Like Humans

We all know that plants are alive, but we definitely don’t think of them as being alive the same way as people or animals are alive....


Take Only Pokeballs, Leave Only Footprints

It’s safe to say Pokémon Go has made a Gyarados-sized splash for mobile users around the world. The app (which is not yet available in...

Pensive sad girl with a warming drink looking out window

Why Do We Shout in Anger ? An EPIC short story that will MELT your heart!

One day, somewhere across the mountains of Tibet, a plane crashed. Only one man and one woman survived the crash. The man lost his voice....

Happiness - Girl on the top of a rock / mountain

People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Possessions Are Much Happier

The day your paycheque finds its way into your bank account you feel like you’ve won the lottery. It’s usually a time to live like a...


Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth

There’s a wonderful, little place in Japan called Zao Fox Village. Opened in 1990, this fox sanctuary is home to over 200 wild foxes. You...


Mysterious Trees Covered With Money In British Forests

We’ve heard it all before: Money doesn’t talk, make you happy, buy you love, or grow on trees.Except, in this case, it does – or at...


This Photo Of Kangaroos “Mourning” Is Actually A Lot More Sinister

A viral photograph that did the rounds this week is turning out to be a lot darker than previously thought. The image of the three eastern...


Tiger Is Still Friends with Goat Who Was Given to Him as Live Food Months Ago

Amur the tiger and Timur the goat (who was initially meant to be Amur’s live food) became fast friends inlate November and—despite what...