Monday 12 November 2018
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Category: Makeup


Plump up your lips

From using lip-liners, signing up for surgical procedures and employing natural remedies, here’s a roundup on the best ways to plump...


12 Tips to save health of the eyes

The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. They enable us to see the world around us, and to express our deepest emotions. It is not...


Makeup Tricks To Make You Look More Awake

Didn’t sleep? No one needs to know. This eye-makeup routine will help you look more awake. 1. Apply highlighter to inner corners of...


Do you want natural summer makeup? Do it easily!

When we talk about natural summer makeup we mean radiant skin, ruby ​​cheeks and juicy lips. The natural look makeup in summer,...

Woman being made up

My husband hates my makeup choices and I don’t care

Image: Image Source/Getty Images My husband rues the day I discovered beauty vloggers on YouTube. That introduction to awesome videos,...


10 makeup tricks to highlight your best features (INFOGRAPHIC)

Image: getttyimages Are you in the market for a new look this year, but don’t know where to start? If you know how to...


9 Ways to conquer even the toughest makeup challenges

We’ve all had an embarrassing beauty moment. Whether it was that blemish on your nose before your best friend’s wedding or...


How to dress for your Body Shape

Fashion is all about dressing your body. If you know your body shape — and every woman should — then you will be able to find clothes...