Monday 12 November 2018
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Category: Motivation

Things to Remember When You’ve Lost Your Motivation

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success. I embarked upon a new...


Accountability Part 2 – Taking Ownership

What is the one and only thing you have control over in your life? Your job? Nope. Your friends? Nope. Your kids? Uh, definitely nope. The...


Accountability Part 1 – Taking Responsibility

When you think of someone who is “responsible”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Often someone who is responsible is seen as...


What Do You Want?

Every day businesses undertake projects that are intended to guide and shape their futures. Considerable effort is put into these projects...


Doing what you want to do

In life, we are individuals first and foremost.  And as individuals, we are able to do anything we want. Other people can suggest things...


Doing the “Right Thing”

A little while back someone at my work was fired for theft.  I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time everywhere in the world,...

How To Deal With Feeling Guilty

I’m a big believer in personal accountability, and feel it’s often missing today.  Too often people are looking to blame, and while...


Army Veteran Receives A Special Birthday Surprise From His Wife

Army veteran Josh Wetzel received the surprise of a lifetime for his 30th birthday, complete with smiles, laughs, and tears. The former...