Monday 12 November 2018
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Category: Home Improvement


7 Ways to increase your home’s value in as little as a DAY

From renovating the kitchen to adding the right kind of lights, there’s a lot you can do to increase your apartment’s appeal....


Should You Test Your Home’s Air Quality?

We spend 90 percent of our time inside, so it’s smart to think about the air in our homes, especially since it’s often more polluted...


These Plants Will Protect You From Radiation, Chemicals and Cigarette Smoke!

You should get at least one of these plants in your house or apartment. It’s because these amazing plants will absorb all the harmful...


Don’t move, improve! Here’s how to add a creative extension to a period home

‘Don’t Move, improve”. It’s a familiar refrain as high levels of stamp duty and ever-escalating house prices force many to extend...


10 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill!!

It’s cold, it’s going to snow and if we listen closely enough we can hear the electricity meter spinning around like crazy as we try to...


9 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Are Almost Impossible To Kill

Pop quiz: which is more polluted, indoor air or outdoor air? 10 times out of 10, indoor air in your house, office or apartment is going to...


5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

The plants in the house do not only serve as decorations, but they are also useful for our health. Remember that they filter the air and...