Monday 12 November 2018
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Category: Love Stories

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Love Story : Jen + Ricki + 1

The love stories I photograph have a way of continuing even after the wedding day. This was the case for Jen & Ricki (whose wedding I...

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5 Phrases We Call the Language of Love

Instructions for the Language of Love:  1. Use when trying to face relationship conflict in the healthiest, most peaceful/loving way. 2....

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Love Story : I Love You

  I think everyone loves a good love story. I remember as a child dreaming about how God would write my story, who I would marry, how he...

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Love Story: Thank You For Being My Soul Mate

Dearest Mara, I love you, more and more each day.  The more I think about it, the more I tell my friends about it, the more I...


You Need To Know About Playing It Cool

Playing hard to get is not a game, despite how our culture portrays it, nor is it a healthy behaviour. It is not something you should...