Monday 12 November 2018
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Get rid of cholesterol deposits around your Eyes

There is a general consensus that cholesterol leads to heart diseases and hence, they can only be deposited in the heart muscles. However, it is hardly the case since cholesterol can be stored in almost anywhere and sometimes; you can never detect the location of storage. But, there are plenty of situations where the cholesterol is stored right in front of your eye. For example, a puffy eye is precisely because of the excessive cholesterol storage under your skin. This kind of problem is known as xanthelasma. It is a problem that comes with the continuous storage of high density LDLs, popularly known as bad cholesterols and leads to various diseases too. If you are suffering from diabetic issues or have some kind of cirrhosis, you can also have this problem. Moreover, it is often seen as a problem with your artery too. If the bump under the eye starts becoming too large, it may end up impeding your vision.


The problem with this disease is that its proximity to the eye makes it impossible to be removed by surgical procedures. In fact, surgery leaves deep marks which are hardly desirable by anyone. Often, people do resort to laser treatments. But, even then, chances are there that you may end up with a slight scar. Hence, rather than taking a temporary measure, you should make sure you find a cure that treats the problem internally and ensures that you have low cholesterol level.

1. Using garlic as measure

Garlic has been used as remedies for cholesterol-related problems for ages and it is still considered to be extremely popular. There are plenty of useful enzymes that come from garlic and help to flatten the bumps. In fact, it has direct effect on the cholesterol level and hence, can make it heal internally. Medical researchers have provided enough support in favour of the process. Slicing up a garlic clove and then making a paste out of it is necessary before you use it. Then, apply the paste on the area carefully so that it somehow does not enter your eye. Keep it for half an hour and then wash it with water. Do this for few days and see if things change or not.

2. Castor oil- another old remedy

Castor oil has been used for centuries for various purposes. However, they help shrink the bumps because of its acidic ingredients. Apply a cotton ball soaked in pure castor oil on the affected area with care and massage with your fingers continuously. Go to sleep and let it work for the night. Wash it off the next morning and see the result.

3. Vinegar made of apple cider

Not only this kind of vinegar ensures a low amount of LDL in your body, but also ensures that there is no fat deposition in your liver which is harmful. The acetic acid also helps to corrode the bump. Like castor oil, you can apply the vinegar on the spot to see its great effect.How to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

4. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds feature in all dietary lists, but they are very useful in terms of curing such bumps. You have to soak the seeds in water overnight and then drink the mixture next morning with an empty stomach. Keep the water too and apply it with cotton while massaging gently. Repeat these two practices everyday to get the best results.

5.Onions to the rescue

This is another regularly available vegetable that can rescue you from the ugly bump. Not only onion resists all kinds of bad cholesterol, but also the strongly acidic substance helps to erode the bumpy areas. Prepare onion juice with a pinch of salt and let it be for some time. Apply the juice wit gentle massage and go to sleep. If possible, drink onion juice daily to cure the cholesterol internally.

6. Banana peels are effective

You surely have never thought that banana peels could cure this problem of your eye. Enriched with antioxidants, banana peels offer an effective method to curb the bumps. Place the inside of the peel over the bump and ensure that it is kept at that position. Go to sleep. Use a tape to keep it in that position. Remove the peel next morning and wash with warm water. See if changes are visible after few nights.

7. Coriander for diabetic patients

Corianders are common ingredients for soup, but they are mighty useful for curing the bumps under your eye. Especially if it is from diabetic problems, they are a must. Hence, prepare a mix by boiling the coriander seeds in water and cool it for 15 minutes. Remove the seeds and drink the water. Repeat this simple process thrice a day and you will see the change within a week.

8. Orange juiceHow to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

The importance of oranges cannot be overstated. A storehouse of vitamin C which fights all kinds of LDLs and ensures your body has a higher proportion of HDL, container of various enzymes that fight fat storage- oranges are necessary for everyone. So, prepare a glass of orange juice at least thrice a day and drink to your heart’s content.

9. Cholesterol free foods

Last but not the least in terms of advice, there is no point in having all these useful remedies if you are continuing with all kinds of cholesterol-rich fast foods as a part of your routine. So, before you start these, make sure you effectively remove all kinds of cholesterol from your diet.

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