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How to choose the best breakfast for your body goals?

Reasons to have the best in the morning

You should and have by now known the benefits of starting a day with breakfast. Being the most important meal in the entire day, it certainly has a reason for being so. Breakfast helps you get along with the entire day, assisting you in curbing your whimsical food cravings, boost your energy levels, gear your brainpower up, and also help you with your muscles. Breakfast does all that, even without letting your waistline increase a bit. This states that you must have breakfast suited to your daily routine.

Lose weightHow to choose the best breakfast for your body goals

When losing weight is the goal, you must take care that your breakfast is focused on protein. Have a poach of two eggs. Recent studies are of the opinion that cooked albumen of eggs are easy on the stomach as they are denatured from the beginning. On the other hand, full boiled egg yolks do not contain as much as fat-fighting capabilities than the ones that are partially cooked. Combine this with an apple or else a handful of raspberries and a 200 calorie breakfast shall give you a whacking 12 grams of protein and 8 grams of fibre that will retain you till lunch.

Busy schedule

Seems like you do not have much time the whole day. This makes you skip your lunch very often. Therefore, you should be concentrating on a breakfast that contains high levels of fibre, protein and healthy fats. This shall help you feel full for a long time and as a result, helps in reducing unwanted calorie consumption. Make an omelette along with black beans, chicken, two eggs (whole), salsa and spinach. This shall make you take in almost 350 calories, which gives you 38 grams of protein.

What if you cannot eat anything in the morning that is heavy on your stomach?

If you feel that eating in the morning is not the right thing for you, you can try out breakfast that goes light on the stomach, while helping you feel full for a really long time. Take a banana, ¼ cup unrefined oats, ¼ cup yogurt, ½ cup almond milk, 1/8 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a pinch of salt and about 6-8 cashews. The protein, friendly fats and resistant starches are really wonderful in reducing the rate your body absorbs sugar. The bonus? A lip smacking drink enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients.How to choose the best breakfast for your body goals

Fast life

Do you have a fast life? Are you busy from the morning till night? Then you should be having a breakfast that shall keep you full till the next meal and energise your bloodstreams. Take oats along with chia seeds, nuts, fruits or cinnamon. This food comprises of high levels of carbs, which makes it easy for you to keep yourself energised throughout the day. What is more, it also makes you feel satiated, as it contains high fibre. You shall also not complain of an upset stomach that is likely to result out from eating fat rich foods in the morning.


If you have been hit by alcohol last night and your head is still aching and making you dizzy. You can try out a really effective breakfast to make you fit. Experts suggest that avocados are known to reduce the damage caused to liver. Cilantro, which is a herb that lends guac its savoury flavour, contains a blend of unique oils that really can treat an upset stomach. On the other hand, eggs are wonderful for breaking down the toxins of alcohol. You can also make a smoothie out of bananas, coconut water, honey and yogurt. These combined shall make you get rid of the alcohol that still your body is containing.

After a hectic workout

If losing weight is the goal, you may toast a slice of high fibre bread and chew it up before you go for a workout. Or if you want to go gluten-free, you can also gear up your body by chewing into a piece of fruit. Experts feel that going to workout without eating anything does not actually work. Therefore, they recommend that eating even a small piece of Carb shall help boost your body to burn fat more effectively.How to choose the best breakfast for your body goals

On your way to build muscle

After you workout, make sure you replenish your body with water. Along with it, reduce cortisol levels by eating a combined food of easily digestible carbs along with proteins such as eggs and toast, chocolate milk within 30 minutes of your body cooling down as it shall help in making your muscles absorb most of the nutrients.

Trying Yoga?

If you are into the practice of yoga, you must make sure that you intake a supply of simple carbs in your system that shall increase the energy levels. Apples, banana are very good options to choose from. Banana comes with source of sugar, as well as the electrolyte-balancing potassium that shall help you with your hydration. After you are done, prepare and consume a cup of yogurt, granola and chopped fruits.

Enjoy your day

If you have breakfast that goes well with your system, as well as gives you the desired level of energy that you need to execute the daily activities, you shall enjoy whatever work you are doing, apart from a having a really built up energy level. So, if you follow these recipes for breakfast, you are sure to have maximum opportunities to live a life more enjoyably.

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