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Make Your Kid’s Meal a MyPlate Superstar

Your kid needs proper nutrition to become the backbone of nation someday. It is essential to have a regular and well-maintained diet that balances healthy eating with tasty food that reflects the uniformity of your everyday life. However, most parents are at a fix how to solve this perfect diet problem since somehow or the other, children end up underfed or overfed depending on their hunger and feeding habits. It is precisely why MyPlate program is so important in ensuring a thriving diet.

Happy family

Happy family

A balanced diet would mean a good choice of snacks coupled with healthy meals all across the day. However, these are some of the food items that must be there to ensure best results in terms of your diet.Make Your Kid's Meal a MyPlate Superstar

Include vegetables and fruits

If your child only knows about the kitchen as the place where the food comes from, then it will never eat as much as you hope him or her to eat. Hence, the first element in a healthy diet is to involve children in the kitchen so that they become familiar with the vegetables and fruits from an early age. That clears any inhibition they may have towards the vegetables and their wellness. In fact, if your child is growing, try to involve him or her in simple preparations so that they become excited about the impending dish.

In fact, it is a fine practice to take your child to the supermarket while buying groceries. Not only does it provide a learning platform regarding the various kinds of foods but also ensures that they are never repelled by any vegetable. In fact, if you let them choose what they want to eat, they become happier and you can also induce self-confidence in them by asking them to identify certain vegetables.  It also matters what else you provide with the vegetables since providing some exciting meat with vegetables will only result in them hating vegetables. So, choose some less favorable accompaniment to vegetables or serve them with rice.

Decent lean proteins

If you are thinking that proteins may lure the children away from vegetables, you are right to an extent. But, proteins are necessary for your children and they must be lean protein so that they do not induce cholesterol after digestion. The classic lean proteins would be turkey, chicken, fish and lean beef. In fact, there are some vegetable proteins too such as tofu and beans. While dieticians agree that protein is tastier and hence, easily attracts children, they suggest new ways of serving so that the diet is properly balanced.

For example, you must serve the protein with something new. Let’s say, you have been serving chicken for some days and you want your child to have vegetables too. simply serving boiled vegetables will not do the job since it will only end up as a waste. Rather, try to cook something new which you must serve earlier so that your child eats the chicken in expectancy and not as the only dish. Often, fish is detested by many kids because of their slimy nature. However, including the fish in a burger where you pack vegetables will help you in having the necessary proteins alongside the veggies. So, you have to constantly device methods to make it work.

Whole grains in the offering

Whole grains are a must for all children because fibre is essential from childhood for the best digestion. If you are using the classic whole grains, the child may not want to eat. But, you must remember that your child should have it because of the good deal of iron and other nutrients including the all essential vitamin B and its variants. So, it is best to experiment with whole grain dishes and try to serve them in various fashions. Prepare some pasta or bread using whole wheat and serve them with sauce or honey for betterment of taste.

Often, children are allergic to gluten and hence, they cannot have the usual whole grains. Even then, you can always serve brown rice, quinoa or millet as possible options in your diet. In short, you have to be inventive when your child is not in the best of moods to eat such boring dishes.


Always end it with a drink

Another important lesson in serving children with a complete diet is to include a beverage at the end of each meal. Always try to accompany the meal with healthy drinks such as fat free milk or unsweetened beverages. Do not try to serve packaged juices since they contain too much sugar and will only add up unnecessary calorie in your child’s diet. If your child loves the froth of the beverage, try to serve seltzer water instead of the usual soda water which is rich in calorie.

The most useful thing to remember in this practice is that children follow what adults perform. So, if you set your child a routine and continue having all the calorie-rich, fat-heavy foods, your child will never follow you and your plan will go to waste. So, try to change your diet plan too in the process which will only yield healthy results. So, if you want your child to become a MyPlate superstar, it is best you become the superstar parent too since the lessons begin at home. If you are feeling confused about a certain food, never hesitate to consult a dietician near you.


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