Monday 12 November 2018
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Real moms share what they look for in a nanny

Finding the right nanny for your child is crucial! Here’s some help from the mommy community.

For a working mother, among all other things, finding a good nanny is the most unnerving task. Finding a person you can trust with your child is so difficult! Your nanny cam will give you only a glimpse. For the most part, your child will be interacting with the nanny even more than she does with you and learning a lot from her — manners, words, hygiene. This is why it takes a lot of trying and a good dose of luck to find the right nanny.


If you are trying to find a nanny and are clueless about what to look for, here’s some help from the mom community — we tell you what we look for in a nanny, and it will help you too.

  • Should be reliable: Hire a nanny before you start working. Understand your nanny and check whether your baby is comfortable with her. Also, you need to have a trusting relationship with her. Reliability and trust are foremost: Sharin Dasturi, mother of a five-year-old.
  • Should be physically strong: Not a lot of people put thought in the personality of the nanny when hiring an underage person who is practically a child herself. Even hiring really old people makes no sense. Looking after a child, running around a toddler, dropping and picking up from school, cooking and feeding — raising a child needs strength and energy. Hire a person who is physically up for the job: Arina Shaikh, mother to a four-year-old.
  • Should have a clear background: Call me a paranoid parent but I need to be extra careful about who my child comes in contact with. I ran a whole gamut of background checks before hiring my current nanny. From checking her identification papers, visiting her home, checking with the local police station to speaking to her previous employers. When it comes to your child’s safety, you can never be sure enough: Heena Sawant, mother to a two-year-old.
  • Should have a pleasant personality: Your nanny will be a ‘substitute mother’ for your baby, so you need to make sure that she has a pleasant personality and mannerisms that you approve of. Also, I hate when a nanny brings in weird practices like ‘nazar utarna’ in my house. When hiring a nanny, establish ground rules about what is accepted and what’s not.
  • Should be flexible: You know how it is, office hours are never set. While I try to return home on time, it is not possible every day and I once had a nanny who used to make such a fuss about it. I learnt my lesson and now I have hired a nanny for 10 hours every day, this gives me a grace time for days when I get late. Also, a nanny who is okay with staying back once in a while is great! (Naini Khan, mother to a four-year-old)

Finding the right nanny will require a lot of trial and error, so keep strong!

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